Inside Knoxville
With his laser focus on the happenings of downtown Knoxville, Alan Sims (aka, KnoxvilleUrbanGuy) has become the online go-to resource for news on business openings, new restaurants, and the occasional kerfuffle (such as the Great Rick Dover vs. French Market War). He even ventures out into the Urban Wilderness. But a big part of Inside Knoxville’s success is also due to Sims’ online personality—friendly and supportive, always rooting for the hometown team. (C.T.)
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Visit Knoxville
By its very mission, Visit Knoxville’s Instagram feed is boosterish—but Knoxville is in the enviable position of having a lot to brag about these days, so VK’s gallery of cupcakes, hikes, ice cream, bike rides, burgers, events, and brunch always has something worthwhile to share. (C.T.)
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Our Humble Beer Podcast
Chris Hill and D.J. Loope take the podcast category again with their sort-of-monthly, hour-long hangin’ out session over regional craft beers. They often interview guest business owners—not always directly beer-related, like the bakers at Sugar Mama’s or promoters at a boat show—and take field trips to joints like Highland Brewing Company in Asheville. Hill, Loope, and their guests may understand the different types of hops that go into the ale, but their assessments boil down to the same kind of language your buddy Lou might use. In fact, the entire podcast is just as casual, unrehearsed, and full of background laughter as the pub you hit after work to unwind. The random-overheardness of it is pretty amusing (i.e. “If you sit on your porch and read Pride and Prejudice long enough, the Beer Fairy will come by.”). (S.H.D.)
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Knoxville Pains
“Even the best city on the planet has its pains,” declares @knoxvillepains, though the Vols’ season seems to have cured this feed of its cynicism. But scroll back a dozen or so orange-and-white tweets to September, and you’ll find at least this remnant of its crusty yet lovable nature, under a photo of the Alcoa Highway sinkhole: “Alcoa Highway, you are a turd. Hope everyone in SoKno had fun getting to work 2 hours late.” (C.T.)
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