Frank’s Barber Shop
Voted the Best Barbershop in America three years in a row by’s reader choice awards, Frank’s Barber Shop is best known for paying close attention to detail. With an upscale feel, Frank’s makes sure to give its clients the ultimate pampering experience with hand blade shaves and mugs of ice cold root beer. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Union Avenue Barber Shop, Western Plaza Barber Shop

Patrick Zitt/Activize Chiropractor
Optimizing mobility and maximizing vitality, Dr. Patrick Zitt and the Activize Knoxville Chiropractic Clinic aim to help you get out of pain the natural way. Dr. Zitt and his practice are certified by Integrity Doctors, a chiropractic mentoring service. Activize lives up to its high expectations and rave reviews. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Apple Health & Wellness/ Hosenfield, Judy Roy/East Towne Chiropractic Health and Wellness

Dr. Richard Barbee
With a 99.4 percent referral rate, Dr. Richard Barbee must be doing more than making people smile. Dr. Barbee has been serving smiles across Knoxville since 1982 and continues his craft with a team of highly skilled clinicians who stay up to date with the latest educational updates in dentistry. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Downtown Dental, Dr. Buzz Nabors

Winston Eye Care
The Winston Eye and Vision Center is a family-owned practice that has been helping people see clearly since 1942. With three generations of Winstons running the show, this optometric practice aims to always have their customers happy to see them. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Campbell Cunningham and Taylor, the Eye Group

With various locations around Knoxville, the YMCA is doing more than keeping individuals in shape, but also plays a part in “working out” the community. Not only do the locations offer fitness classes, equipment, and pools, the mission of the Knoxville YMCA is “to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive” by continuously working to strengthen ties. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Fort Sanders Health and Fitness, National Fitness Center

Lox Salon
Lox has become not only the best place to get a trendy hairstyle in Knoxville, but an Old City destination for fashion shows, art markets, and even concerts. But its strength is the quality of the basics: Great haircuts and color, especially for those who want to try something bold. Manicures, massages, facials, and extreme eyelash extensions are also on offer. The atmosphere is a cross between a hip boutique and your grandmother’s to-die-for retro closet, and customers are treated with the hospitality due old friends. This is a place where I’ve been offered to borrow an umbrella during a downpour and someone has run out into the rain to fetch it back from my car. (S.H.D.)
Popular Picks: Chop Shop Hair Studio, Salon Visage

cover_1020_glowingbodyyogaTricia Bateman

Glowing Body Yoga Studio
Glowing Body has a couple of sayings, which you encounter right there on their homepage: 1 “Yoga meets you where you are.” 2. “It’s all yoga.” What do they mean? In short, that no matter your size, shape, attitude, or ability, yoga is available and appropriate for you—and no matter how easily or difficult it seems in the doing, it’s doing its work. That attitude makes for an open, inviting, inclusive studio that offers classes for every level, workshops for every interest, and even an array of massage therapists to address every ache and pain. (Hillari Dowdle)
Popular Picks—Top Holistic Health Center: Gypsy Hands, Meadowsweet Wellness
Popular Picks—Top Yoga: Blue Ridge Yoga, Real Hot Yoga

Meadowsweet Wellness
Named after a white healing flower, the Meadowsweet Message and Wellness studio makes sure they cater to the needs of each individual. They are located on S. Gay Street and have massages starting as low as $45. Students even receive 10 percent off! (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Longevity Massage, Spa Visage

Broadway Family Karate
Broadway Family Karate provides Taekwondo classes for all ages. They aim for the physical and mental development of the whole family and have no previous requirements for joining. It’s great way to grow and bond with your family, with a lifetime of potential benefits. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Bullman’s, Knoxville Martial Arts Academy

Spa Visage
Spa Visage, an extension of Salon Visage, provides only the most elite of services to its clientele. They offer a wide range of nail care, massage, waxing, and facial services in package deals for both men and women of any age, so that everyone can feel fabulously refreshed. (M.S.)
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Popular Picks—Top Skin Care: Skin Studio at Lox Salon, Skin Wellness

Britton Leitch/Provision Health
Britton Leitch, a fitness manager for Provision Health and Performance, is a Knoxville native with over a decade of experience. No wonder Leitch comes highly recommended when it comes to finding the best strength and conditioning coach. Not only is he a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA, Leitch has won competitions as a Scottish Highland Games athlete. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Roderick Haynes/Fitness Studio 111, Erin Shoun/Gold’s Gym South

Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic
The Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic stays up to date with the latest information in orthopaedic medicine so that you can heal faster and stay healed longer. Trusted with recovery of injured UT athletes, the KOC has proven that their techniques can not only help you get better, but can also help you stay in the game. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Prompt Physical Therapy, Provision Physical Therapy

Summit Express Clinics
At Summit Express Clinics, you don’t have to be a member to be treated, and the clinics even offer after-hours care to provide the best quality care service whenever problems occur. Having physicians that rank top 10 in the nation is part of what makes the Summit Express Clinics great, but their commitment to bringing convenience into possible chaos makes them even better. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Trinity Medical Center, Well-Key Urgent Care

Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center
The all-female staff of the Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center aims to make the experience of their patients one full of satisfaction and comfort. This nonprofit birth center offers a wide range of maternity services as well as your basic gynecology needs. Aiming to promote wellness, personal empowerment, and family involvement, this women’s health center offers a sense of community along with its services. (M.S.)
Popular Picks: Contemporary Women’s Health, Women’s Care Group