Winner: Inside of Knoxville
Alan Sims has created a unique full-time job for himself as Knoxville’s digital town crier. When it comes to new business developments in the downtown area, Sims is usually first with the scoop, announcing openings and closings, retail shops and restaurants, and new living quarters. But his appeal also lies in his tone—always even-handed and open-minded. He has truly made himself Knoxville’s go-to “Urban Guy.” (Coury Turczyn)

Runners Up: The Blue Streak, KnoxViews, Scruffington Post

Winner: Knoxville Mercury
We appreciate the sentiment! (C.T.)

Runners Up: Inside of Knoxville, Knoxville Pays it Forward, You Know You Are From Knoxville If

Winner: Knox Foodie (@knoxfoodie)
Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Perhaps no other Knoxvillians can whip up such a mouth-watering batch of social media posts and Instagram pictures as husband-and-wife team Eric and Mandee McNew, the deliciously diabolical snappers behind Knox Foodie (@knoxfoodie on Instagram and Twitter). If you choose to follow, like, or repost, consider yourself warned: You may pack on a few pounds just gazing at the culinary delicacies these two consume on a weekly basis. In the past few days alone they’ve scarfed pad thai (homemade, including the fish sauce), Saturday brunch shrimp at the Plaid Apron in Sequoyah Hills, slow-smoked pork butt from Dead End BBQ in Maryville, and imbibed a few pints of fall-flavored brews at Mind Yer P’s and Q’s in Farragut, just to list a few. Their social media prowess has earned thousands of die-hard followers intent on tagging along for a handheld tour of the top chefs, eateries, and eat-before-you-die dishes in Knoxville and East Tennessee, and we really can’t blame them. (Clay Duda)

Runners Up: Mid Mod Collective (@midmodcollective), Holly Rainey (@hcrainey), Visit Knoxville (@visitknoxville)

Winner: Our Humble Beer Podcast
We can say it now, officially: Knoxville’s a beer town. With an onslaught of new craft breweries opening nearly everywhere, we can check that title off the list. Done. And if you want to keep up with that ever-growing scene, then let D.J. Loope and Chris Hill be your guides. Since April 1 of this year, their Humble Beer Podcast has been taking listeners on extended tours and tastings, such as chatting for 40 minutes with the owners of Devils Backbone Brewing Company, hanging out at Flow, or hitting the road with Knox Brew Tours. If you’re into beer, these are your new best buds. (C.T.)

Runners Up: Einstein Simplified, Sharing Needles With Friends, WUOT

Winner: @KnoxvillePains
“Even the best city on the planet has its pains,” is the explanation for the Knoxville Pains Twitter feed, and it’s a pretty good summation of the repartee: Witty observations and complaints about the Scruffy City, delivered with nonetheless obvious affection. About 9,800 followers keep tabs on the commentary, which focuses heavily on University of Tennessee football and traffic, with a sprinkling of local photos and a heavy helping of emojis. (Heather Duncan)

Runners Up: @KnoxFoodie, @moxcar, @WBIR

Winner: Bliss (shopinbliss)
To be sure, Bliss uses its micro-videos on Vine for marketing purposes: product demos, beauty shots, and staff picks. But it does so with a sense of fun and ease that other local businesses with social-media aspirations should take note of. (C.T.)

Runners Up: Victor Agreda Jr., Rocky Top Insider