Winner: Richard Barbee, New Dentistry
It’s kind of ironic to see the level of dedication New Dentistry has to not needing to see you too often. Through meticulous record keeping, cleanings, regular checkups and disease prevention tools like X-rays, they ensure your mouth and teeth are healthy enough to prevent bigger, costlier occurrences later. Does the dentist give you the heebie-jeebies like me? Dr. Barbee’s staff is great about explaining what they’re doing and making you feel at ease in that scary chair. (Jordan Achs)

Runners Up: Buzz Nabers DDS, Cornerstone Dental Arts, Downtown Dental

Winner: Winston Eye & Vision Center
Some people can get a tad uncomfortable when it comes to having their eyes examined. But even the most optically squeamish will find the Winston Eye & Vision Center to be an oasis of calm. The Winston family has been doing this for 70 years in Knoxville, and they are the most laid-back group of opticians who’ve ever blasted my eyeballs with puffs of air. The office atmosphere is relaxed, the doctors soothing, and the selection of services and frames excellent. (Coury Turczyn)

Runners Up: Campbell Cunningham Taylor & Haun, The Eye Group, Luttrell’s Eyewear


Winner: Salon Visage & Spa Visage
When other salon owners from all over the world are coming to one Knoxville salon to learn techniques, you know you’ve got a gem. Salon Visage has been pampering Knoxville for two decades, training their staff to be artisans in one area of expertise, ensuring VIP-level services without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, Spa Visage offers a variety of packages and services to make you feel rejuvenated and pampered, with personable staff to make everything custom for you. When you want to treat yourself, Visage does it right. (Jordan Achs)

Top Hair Salon Runners Up: Belleza, Chop Shop, Lox Salon
Top Licensed Massage Therapy Runners Up: Belleza, Longevity Massage Specialists, Meadowsweet
Top Medi Spa Runners Up: Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa, Knoxville Dermatology Group, Pure Luxe Salon and Spa
Top Nail Salon Runners Up: Lox Salon, Natural Alternatives, Tek Nails
Top Skin Care Runners Up: Nourish Skin Studio, Skincare Center at Dermatology Associates, The Skin Wellness Center

Holistic healer and licensed massage therapist Sara Griscom stands in her studio at Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Center in Historic Old North Knoxville, a practice she opened after returning to the United States from a stint in India in 2001. Photo by Clay Duda.Clay Duda
Winner: Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Center
For those in need of some positive, motherly love, Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Center is just what the doctor (or shaman) ordered. It’s been a healing “home base” for Sara Griscom for over 13 years as she travels the world to learn more traditional healing arts from the likes of Buddhist and Maori healers, or sometimes more institutional paths, like studying psychology here at the University of Tennessee. These two sources of knowledge enable Gypsy Hands to offer a variety of services from energy work, dance instruction, health and nutritional counseling to midwife and hospice services. The shop’s down-to-earth vibe and helpful, friendly staff make it a perfect tranquil healing space in a stressful world. (J.A.)

Runners Up: Apple Health and Wellness, Eddie’s Health Shoppe, The Glowing Body

Winner: YMCA
One reason why the nonprofit YMCA rises to the top is that it embodies “fitness” in every sense, not just the muscular sort. Its many locations don’t simply offer workout equipment, pools, and classes—they make it their mission to strengthen the community as a whole. As the Knoxville Y’s mission statement makes clear, “Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.” That comes through with its many programs, from youth development to financial-assistance memberships. (C.T.)

Runners Up: Exclusive Fitness, Fort Sanders Health and Fitness, National Fitness

Winner: Broadway Family Karate
Karate trains both the body and the moral character of its pupils, so it’s no wonder it’s a hit with parents and kids alike. But when it comes to family activities, the less complicated the better. Broadway Family Karate embraces this philosophy, offering no-commitment-necessary introductory courses, classes for all ages, and flexible schedules six days a week. Each class has character lessons as well as physical training, and the family-friendly space even has a viewing area to watch your little Karate Kids. (J.A.)

Runners Up: Bullman’s Kickboxing & Krav Maga, Knoxville Martial Arts Academy, Wah Lum Kung Fu

Winner: Alison Oakes
Alison Oakes’ approach is one of personalization, catering a regime to the needs of each person or group at that visits her at Frankie’s Body Shop in North Knoxville. This personalization extends to meal planning as well, leading you to start a plan you might actually stick to. Her cool twists on healthy recipes offered through her company Naked Foods help make those healthy habits less of a chore, and prepackaged lunches help the busiest person still get their food pyramid covered. (J.A.)

Runners Up: Michelle Kenik, Shannon Lawless, Wade Wilburn

Patrons enjoy a cut and a shave at Frank’s Barbershop in Bearden, a high-end traditional men’s hair cuttery. Photo by Clay Duda.Clay Duda
Winner: Frank’s Barbershop
This upscale barbershop on Northshore somehow exudes masculinity and pampering at the same time, with an atmosphere that might suggest that patrons are young lords stopping by before their cricket game. Most of the patrons seem to be on the young side, and unlike most traditional barber shops, the “barbers” are mostly attractive female stylists. Note, however, that owner Frank Gambuzza is president of Paris-based Intercoiffure America/Canada, and Self magazine has called him one of the top 20 hairdressers in America. Gentlemen can watch Sports Center on leather couches in the dark-paneled parlor, play a game of billiards (“pool” just doesn’t seem appropriate here) or darts, and sip a literally icy-cold mug of root beer while they wait their turn for a shave and a haircut. The shave, with brushes and hand blades, seems pretty popular. (Heather Duncan)

Runners Up: Suburban Barber Shop, Union Avenue Barber Shop, Western Plaza Barber Shop

Winner: Summit Medical
An East Tennessee institution for 20 years, Summit Medical Group offers clinics and services catered to any medical need. Their urgent-care clinics are state-of-the-art while still offering fast, urgent medical care to walk-ins all over Knoxville. When you have a medical emergency, it’s nice having the peace of mind Summit Medical provides. (J.A.)

Runners Up: East Town Urgent Care, Family Care Specialists, Trinity Medical Associates

Winner: Lisa Ross Birth & Women’s Center
The Lisa Ross Birth & Women’s Center is a nonprofit, freestanding birthing center, which means it can provide many different services for a much lower cost. Their mission focuses on all women, which means stable, personalized services for all your health needs regardless of demographic. With a knowledgeable, friendly staff, patients can feel empowered and supported. (J.A.)

Runners Up: Contemporary Women’s Health, Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health, Women’s Care Group

Winner: Glowing Body
“Yoga Meets You Where You Are” is more than just a mantra to The Glowing Body—it’s visible in their entire workings. They offer classes for all skill levels, time commitments, budgets, and energy levels. In other words, Glowing Body makes sure that every excuse in your book isn’t good enough. Those on a budget will enjoy their donation-based karma classes offered throughout the week, and they offer prenatal yoga and meditation classes as well. Glowing Body tackles all your yoga doubts and inhibitions, because in the end, “It’s All Yoga.” (J.A.)

Runners Up: Breezeway Yoga Studio, Real Hot Yoga, Shanti Yoga Haven