Places and Clubs in Knoxville That Make Exercise Fun

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Moaning and groaning about going to the gym? That attitude is as outdated as your mom’s 1990s treadmill. Approach exercise as a pleasure, not a punishment, and you can have some fun while doing your body good—from belly dancing to tumbling. Here are just some of the places in Knoxville where you can find your inner joy-seeker.

Angela Floyd Schools

If you catch yourself bopping to Beyoncé at red lights, it might be time to let your inner dancer out. Angela Floyd Schools, one of the top-ranked studio schools in the country, offers hip-hop and jazz dance classes for adults and teens, along with classical dance and music instruction for the younger set.
10845 Kingston Pike, 865-675-9894
6732 Jubilee Center Way, 865-947-9894

Barre 3

From a beautifully appointed studio on Bearden Hill, you can bend, flex, plie, and tone at Barre 3. This serene, locally owned space offers a workout that combines ballet barre, yoga, and pilates for an uncluttered mind and a sculpted body. Bonus online instruction for days you can’t make it to the studio or want to supplement what you learned there.
6450 Kingston Pike, 865-206-8396

Barre Belle Yoga and Fitness

In the heart of downtown, Barre Belle Yoga and Fitness opens before dawn so that you can get your mindfulness on and still make it to your desk on time. A studio favorite, Buti Yoga sessions combine yoga training with high-impact cardio for an addictive feel-good buzz. For beginners, the studio offers a 30-day trial period so that you can see what workout fits you best.
129 S. Gay St., 865-521-1879

Blue Ridge Yoga

Seriously focused on you and your whole self, Blue Ridge Yoga has a team of dedicated instructors from all approaches to yoga, ready to meet you wherever you are in your journey to wellness. Adults from 18 to 80-plus find relaxation and lasting community at this Farragut-area favorite.
623 N. Campbell Station Rd., 865-288-3562

Broadway Academy of Performing Arts

Belly dance? Don’t mind if we do. Broadway Academy of Performing Arts brings glamour, fun and a little mystery to what is also a seriously great way to get moving. Besides beginner and advanced belly dance classes, the academy offers sessions in hoop dancing, NIA movement, and other creative favorites, old and new—all in a gorgeous space in the heart of Knoxville North.
706 N. Broadway, 865-776-2739

Bullman’s Kickboxing & Krav Maga

Let your inner warrior out—or get in some blood-pumping cardio kicks—at Bullman’s Kickboxing & Krav Maga. This West Knoxville fitness spot welcomes both genders and all fitness levels to its exciting Kickfit programs, as well as teaching the art of serious self-defense. Instructors have decades of fight and fitness experience, and are ready to help you learn.
4511 Kingston Pike, 865-386-8266

Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio

That daring young man (or woman) on the flying trapeze? That could be you. Founded and run by experienced aerialists, Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio, in North Knoxville, offers a range of classes on flying acrobatics, vertical silks and other thrilling circus arts. Liberating, confidence-boosting, and, yes, fun for children of all ages.
4504 Fennel Rd., 865-609-2012

The Glowing Body Yoga Studio

From the absolute basics for beginners to deep dharma and meditation work, the Glowing Body Yoga Studio is a warm and welcoming spot for all. The studio offers a variety of yoga styles and classes—including yoga teacher instruction for those qualified—as well as massage therapy, group meditations/readings, and other self-development offerings.
711 Irwin St., 865-545-4088

Gym Tek Academy

Gym Tek Academy welcomes the wee-est ones for tumbling lessons, and the school also offers progressive gymnastics instruction for kids and teens who want to study in earnest.
5331 Western Ave., 865-225-1835

Ice Chalet

For more than 50 years, the Ice Chalet has been one of West Knoxville’s favorite destinations. Balancing a program of rigorous skating instruction with fun for all ages, this ice castle offers cardio-boosting, community-building hockey get-togethers for adults, even if you’ve never laced up a pair of skates.
100 Lebanon St., 865-588-1858

Premier Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts of Knoxville has five locations across East Tennessee and a slate of programs to keep you coming back for more. There’s karate for the kids, fitness kickboxing and self-defense, and a killer program in Brazilian jiu jitsu (no pun intended). Find the facility closest to you and join the fun.

River Sports Outfitters

The area’s first indoor rock-climbing facility rises like Everest inside River Sports Outfitters’ Sutherland Avenue flagship location. Climbing aficionados have been enjoying the ropes for almost 20 years, and the outfitter welcomes those new to the sport regularly, with beginners’ welcome nights and special ladies’ get-togethers. Got to get outdoors? Kayak or stand-up paddle around some of the area’s most beautiful parks and lakes while enjoying the outfitter’s rentals and get-togethers at Ijams and the Cove at Concord Park.
2918 Sutherland Ave., 865-523-0066
9292 Kingston Pike, 865-313-2642

Ski Scuba Center

Dreaming about the Caribbean on an overcast east Tennessee day? Get ready for your trip—or take an imagined one—while learning to scuba dive at Knoxville’s 30-year-old Ski Scuba Center. A heated indoor pool, a host of knowledgeable and certified instructors, and a fully equipped dive shop will get you started on what is sure to be a favorite new hobby.
2543 Sutherland Ave., 865-523-9177

Tataru’s Gymnastics and Tumbling

If you want to take a tumble, Tataru’s Gymnastics and Tumbling offers adult classes. Plus: indoor play time for kids.
11207 Outlet Dr., 865-675-5988

Title Boxing Club

Could have been a contender? You still are. Indulge your in-the-ring dreams with a streamlined, gloved workout, you versus the bag, at Title Boxing Club. Sessions are open to men and women, all under the eye of trainers who are champs at making a hard workout fun.
134 N. Peters Rd., 865-219-1368

Turbospin Cycling Studio

Ride into the sunset, or into your lunch hour, with Knoxville’s first dedicated indoor cycling spot. At Turbospin Cycling Studio, a music-fueled power trip takes you further into fitness than you ever thought you could go. Try one ride, reserve a block of rides or sign up for a discounted monthly pass.
215 Brookview Centre Way, 865-312-9256


Still not feeling the feeling-good vibe about getting fit? Get yourself to one of YMCA’s five Knoxville locations. The original fitness bastion has evolved with the times, with everything from water aerobics to Zumba classes, for everyone from the smallest member of your family to your dear old mom and dad. Become a member and contribute to all the ways the Y gives back to our community—while jump-starting your own fun, fit lifestyle.

Writer Tracy Jones lives in Knoxville, Tenn. One of the original contributors to Metro Pulse, she worked as a lifestyle magazine editor in Fort Myers and Naples, Fla., where she wrote about home, design, not-for-profit organizations and more.

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