Press Forward: Meet Fellow Citizens Who Are Striving to Move Knoxville Ahead

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Good things are happening in Knoxville.

Although our Facebook feeds may be overwhelmed with worrisome news from Washington, D.C. and around the globe, we can all take some comfort in the fact that we can still make a difference right here at home. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on throughout 2017 in a new section called Press Forward: In each issue, we will put our spotlight on someone who is pursuing their vision for a better Knoxville and East Tennessee. Their projects aren’t motivated so much by politics as they are by a common-sense desire to improve the quality of life here for everyone. 

If some these initiatives spark your interest, we’ll tell you how to get involved. If you know of other projects that deserve attention, we’ll examine them. If you have ideas for new efforts to get off the ground, we’ll help spread the word.

Let’s work together to make sure Knoxville continues to progress toward an ideal we can all get behind: a place where good ideas still make sense.

SEEED: Providing Life Skills for Young People as Well as Environmental Literacy

Trees Knoxville: Protecting and Expanding Knoxville’s Urban Tree Canopy

L5 Foundation: Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families When They Need it Most

DreamBikes: Putting Kids on Bikes—and Showing Them How to Maintain and Fix Them


Look for more inspiring stories in every issue this year!

Know someone doing amazing things for the future of Knoxville?

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