Election Stuff: Things Get Unpleasant in Farragut for Clinton Supporters

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Election acrimony continued Tuesday afternoon in acrid air as some motorists screamed obscenities at Hillary Clinton supporters and their children who had gathered at the Campbell Station and Kingston Pike intersection to rally for their candidate in deep-red Farragut. Up the road at Farragut High School, voters were met with a painted rock on school property emblazoned with the words “Hillary for Prison.”

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A Clinton supporter who wished to be identified only as Vicki B. was unfazed as she stood on the corner with about a dozen other supporters in daylight dimmed by smoke and particulates from area forest fires sparked in drought-stricken East Tennessee.

She clutched a long-in-the-tooth Clinton campaign sign that she first displayed eight years ago when then-Sen. Clinton lost the primary race to President Barack Obama. Now her candidate is on the cusp of becoming the first woman president in American history. Most national pollsters tilt the electoral college map toward Clinton, though GOP candidate Donald Trump is widely expected to carry Tennessee by wide margins.

“It survived; I hope Hillary does, too,” she said as someone screamed “Fuck Clinton!” from a passing truck.

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Polls are open in Knox County until 8 p.m. Go to knoxcounty.org/election for details on your precinct and ballot.

Only about 285 voters had cast ballots at the Farragut High School precinct as of about noon on Tuesday, where poll workers were checking identifications twice. A worker cited heavy early voting as a reason for the unexpectedly low turnout thus far at the precinct.

Knox County Administrator of Elections Clifford Rodgers said “nothing out of the ordinary” had yet surfaced, though a small fire was reported at one precinct and a fire alarm went off at another. Most of today’s work involved directing people to proper precincts, he said.

Rogers expects turnout will exceed the 172,000 votes recorded in 2012, but not the 189,000 recorded in 2008. Knox County has about 241,000 active registered voters.

“I think we had the big push early,” he said of this year. A record number of about 136,000 voters cast early ballots.

Knox County-based journalist Thomas Fraser is a native of Charleston, S.C. who grew up in Oak Ridge and Knoxville. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has worked as an editor and reporter for daily newspapers and websites in Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey and Virginia.

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