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Welcome to Our New Abode

If you were visiting Knoxville (or planning to move here) and picked up some of those handy real estate guides at the grocery store, you might get the impression that living here means one thing: buying a mini-mansion that’s indistinguishable from your neighbor’s—in a subdivision named after an Olde English village.

But there are other options in Knoxville for those who seek living spaces that are creative, modern, unique—you just have to know where to find them.

With Abode, we hope to become your guide to finding great home design in Knoxville. Consider this a sneak preview for an ongoing magazine that celebrates the area’s most unique houses—whether they’re floating, tiny, or something else entirely. Plus, we’ll look at the local craftspeople, renovators, innovators, designers, and architects who help make living in Knoxville different from any other place.

Got a cool house Knoxville needs to see? A fascinating preservation project? New ideas for sustainable living? Drop us a line at editor@knoxmercury.com.

And if you happen to own a home design or real estate-related business that needs to reach our audience of discerning consumers, let’s talk!

For information about advertising in Abode, contact us at: sales@knoxmercury.com or 865-313-2048

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