News Hole, March 9, 2016: Slow Poke Drivers, Beware

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News Hole [ˈnüz ˈhōl] — The vast media chasm that devours and records bits of timely information from around East Tennessee and beyond. This is a sporadic roundup of thought-worthy morsels scoured from its depths. 

You can now be fined $50 for driving slow in the fast lane. Slow pokes, beware!


Campbell County Judge Amanda Sammons has landed in hot water. She’s currently under investigation for allegedly altering a charge against a woman without any legal authority to do so, just one in a series of blistering reports from News Sentinel Courts Reporter Jamie Satterfield over the past several months.


TDOT called on voters to pick five new messages to display on highway signs and distract passing motorists. the winner? Turn signals, the original instant messaging” 


A USA Today reporter who asked Payton Manning about sexual harassment allegations during his retirement press conference was apparently met with a deluge of hateful, some x-rated, tweets and emails from fans. “I pride myself on being fair and accurate, so that was frustrating,” reporter Lindsay Jones tells Poynter. How dare she journalism like that..

(On a related note, since the News Sentinel has gone the way of Gannett–having been sold to that huge media company that owns USA Today and, like, a gazillion other newspapers around the country–you may soon be reading Jones’ byline on the local sports pages)

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