Drew Krikau skims trash bins in Knoxville's Market Square in search of anything good, a meal or, perhaps, a few spare cigarettes. Photo by Clay Duda.

24 Hours Homeless in Knoxville

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For nearly two years now, Drew Krikau, 45, has lived homeless on the streets of Knoxville. He’s had two “permanent” living arrangements during that time, although when you’re living outside you quickly learn nothing is permanent—fortunes often ebb and flow with daily changes, and few things come easy. Both of his more permanent homes were self-made campsites erected in the dense brush of vacant lots close to the city’s core. But his camp and most everything he owned went up in flames on Christmas day, and since then he’s been hunting for a new safe place to rebuild.

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Former Mercury staff reporter Clay Duda has covered gangs in New York, housing busts in Atlanta, and wildfires in Northern California. And lots of stuff about Knoxville.

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