On the Beat with KPD

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It was just another night for Knoxville police officer J.D. Hopkins patrolling his beat on “Short East,” police speak for the section of East Knoxville closest to downtown, but the series of encounters, walk throughs, traffic stops, and interactions offer a glimpse into the daily interactions between local police and people living in these communities.

These photos round out extensive reporting by Mercury writer S. Heather Duncan. Over the past several months, Duncan has been digging into the intricacies of the Knoxville Police Department’s relationship with the community, how it goes about holding its own officers accountable, and what sorts of underlying issues such as racial tension, mistrust of law enforcement, and other variables factor into the unique fabric of our city.

Read her some or all of her multi-part series:

1. The Police
Checks and Balances: How well does KPD police its own officers?

2. The Community
Equal Protection: Can KPD overcome the doubts of Knoxville’s black community?

3. The Arbitrator (Jan. 21)
Citizen Review: Does the Police Advisory Review Committee hold KPD accountable?

Former Mercury staff reporter Clay Duda has covered gangs in New York, housing busts in Atlanta, and wildfires in Northern California. And lots of stuff about Knoxville.

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