Turning Points: Essays on Personal Change

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Every new year is greeted with vows of personal change—but change is something that is often unpredictable. You might start with one goal in mind and find yourself reaching an entirely different one, whether it’s your health, your family, your avocation, or your fate. We asked some of our favorite writers to share the moments when they felt their lives took a new direction.

Stephanie Piper: Finding a Voice

Motherhood, I had discovered, is like writing. It is isolating, and demanding, and occasionally euphoric.”


Jack Neely: Trying a New Tack

“I had dreams of becoming a rock critic, or a foreign correspondent, or an investigative reporter, or a novelist. All those things at once, preferably, maybe more.”


Brian Griffin: Rediscovering Goodness in the Aftermath of Violence

In a flash your life shatters into jigsawed fragments that bear little relation to the whole, and just as suddenly it all reassembles.”


S. Heather Duncan: Understanding That You Don’t Always Know Best

I’m very organized. The ungenerous, including myself, might call me a Type A personality—which just doesn’t fly in Eastern Europe.”


Rose Kennedy: Knowing When to Quit

“I’d been so caught up in this fast-paced career climb that I’d just accepted a deadening workplace experience, talked about it, then ignored it.”

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