Knoxville’s New Entrepreneurs

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Okay, we know about the gas stations and the cable TV shows. What else has Knoxville got to offer the business world? We surveyed the area’s entrepreneurial scene to pluck out four case studies: people with interesting concepts for new products that might just hit it big nationally. Each one is on a tipping point—raising the investment needed to realize their dreams or actually putting their ideas on the market to see how they do. Will they be the next big thing? Well, stay tuned.

Anchors Hair Company Makes Waves With All-Natural, Artisan Pomade
DigiTrax Vaults the Art of Karaoke into the Digital Era
SpareTime Aims to Transform a YouTube Hit into a Remix Network
Zmix Introduces Those Tiny Squirt-Bottle Water Enhancers to Alcohol


Frussies Deli and Bakery Wins First Project BrandAid

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