Historic Fort Sanders Home Relocated, Two More to be Demolished

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One of three historic Victorian-style homes near the University of Tennessee threatened with demolition is being relocated.

This morning, the historic home at 1302 White Ave. was loaded on a truck and started a slow-crawl—moving only a few feet at a time—to its new location nearby on Clinch Avenue. The massive home was wider than the street. The move was sponsored by developer Carl Lansden.

Two other residential properties on the same block are slated to be torn down, as noted recently by Jack Neely in his Scruffy Citizen column.

The house at 1312 White Ave. was purchased to move as well, but now appears  to be doomed due to a lack of a feasible place to move it. The structure between these two homes, the once-celebrated “Judge’s House,” was not purchased, and will be demolished.

Read the latest installment of The Scruffy Citizen for more details.

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