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Drocella Mugorewera, Bridge Refugee Servies
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Charlotte Tolley, Market Square Farmer’s Market
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“I have no doubt the Mercury feature on Waynestock bolstered attendance this year; as organizers, we were blown away by the community response, and I can’t help but think that the original print piece helped with that. With the accompanying video, shot during the weekend, I think we’ll be able to tell the Waynestock story better and reach a wider audience in the future, which is always the goal of a fundraiser. As individuals plugged into the local entertainment community, we on the Waynestock organizational committee are extremely grateful for the Mercury’s support — not just of our event, but of everything related to this crazy, wonderful, vibrant arts scene.”
—Steve Wildsmith, Waynestock

“The difference the article made is it got our name out there and brought people into the shop. The article was well written and personal so it seemed as people really knew what we are doing here. It was not just about the shop it was about the people here and that is what matters.”
—Preston Flaherty, DreamBikes Knoxville

“I have taken part in a handful of media stories, in papers both local and national, and on local T.V. I can honestly say that I have gotten more response from the article that was done about me in the Knoxville Mercury then the other stories combined. People that I never would have dreamed read the Mercury were the first ones to send me messages saying that they read the story and that they were impressed. This article allowed me to tell the H.A.B.I.T. story to people who did not know anything about our program, and this always helpful in both finding new volunteers and in fundraising.”
—Karen J. Armsey, H.A.B.I.T.

“Your article highlighted the work that our organization is doing to protect and enhance the urban forest canopy in Knoxville and  Knox County. As a result of your article we have had several new volunteers come forward after seeing the article. Also, we have had a major donation from a local company who is supporting our Canopies for Campus initiative to place trees at schools across Knox County. The donor said that they had seen the article and I believe it helped in securing this donation. We appreciate having a local voice like the Mercury informing the public of important groups and events.”
—Tom Welborn, Trees Knoxville

“We cannot thank you enough for featuring us in the Press Forward series. Many new customers have found us, and some of our oldest customers understood our mission for the first time. (One wrote, “What a beautiful story. I never knew any of this. This is why I love you guys so much!”) Rose Kennedy took great care to get our story right, and real human connections have resulted. These connections are our reason for being.”
—Jenny Arthur, Borderland Tees